OMNI Channel Supply Chain Implementation in 12 Weeks

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Hesol Consulting is specialized in setting up of OMNI Channel for Brick and Mortar & Online Retail organizations. The business case is ‘Existing offline business’s strategic decision to add E-commerce part of their distribution strategy or Existing Online Retailer decided to set up Offline Business as well’.

Hesol delivers OMNI Channel Supply Chain design Concept till Go-Live in a record time of 12 weeks (3 months) while the Industry benchmark itself is 5+ Months.

We are able to deliver on the timelines as well as the cost by leveraging Hesol’s home grown proprietary simulation & modelling tools, design concepts, industry expertise and past supply chain project portfolio across the globe.

Most cases, Hesol re-do the Go-To Market Strategy for the Business (on need basis). Sample case study of Go-To Market strategy can be read at this link

The Competitive Edge is created –

(1) By Seamless integration of Offline and Online businesses (as per the definition of OMNI Channel)

(2) By effectively utilizing the existing infrastructure to the Brim (supports in scaling faster as well as to start with a promising P&L)

(3) By effectively leveraging all the existing skill sets (effectively aids in change management)

(4) Develop Up the Supply Chain and Down the Supply Chain infra, process and systems


Industries and Sectors:

Hesol Consulting has completed more than 20+ OMNI Implementations across the following specific sectors and product categories:

Retail, FMCG, Automotive Spare Parts, Fashion Retail, Books, Home appliances, Organic Food Products, Beauty Care Products, Electronic Products & Accessories, Home Decor, White Goods, Pharma, Textile and Agriculture. These project implementations are done across 10+ Countries.



High Level Solution Blue Print for OMNI Channel Implementation by Hesol India is as below:


1. Supply Chain Simulation, Design, Planning & Implementation

a. Referencing the Go-To market strategy and business forecast, the supply chain design and operating plan is developed. All needed simulation models are built to run all the different scenarios before the opt model is finalized.
b. Part of the operations strategy – last mile logistics, warehousing, procurement logistics and reverse logistics are developed
c. Supply chain implementation would be design realization for the start up and then the routines are as per the operating plan


2. Vendor On-boarding and Management: Hesol Consulting would talk to the potential vendors and would be on-boarding them to the portal. Data on potential vendors could be provided by client else data scrapping would be done. Value proposition to the Vendor and terms and conditions are developed by Hesol Consulting.

On-boarding includes:
a. Explaining the value proposition to the potential vendor
b. Providing all clarifications needed by vendor
c. Collecting all documents to be collected from vendor / Follow up
d. Submitting the documents to the team and filing


3. Process Mapping considers following processes: Processes would be written which can be scalable and points of relevance for future as applicable will be given in the document. JDs for initial hiring will be supported with.
a. Vendor Pitch and Guidelines
b. Document Collection Process
c. Cataloging Process
d. Product Pick Up
e. Fulfillment Process
f. Last Mile Delivery
g. Vendor Payments


4. MIS Set Up
a. Key Performance Indicators would be developed and Metrics would be on-boarded
b. Templates and Auto-Reporting in Cloud based tools


5. Product Cataloguing
a. Co-ordination with Vendor
b. Product pick up to Studio
c. Photography & post processing (Models are not part of scope)
d. Submission to client
e. Product return back to Vendor
f. Listing for each product – all fields as needed by Product. (Product info not available with vendor and also in
internet have to be taken out of scope)


6. Logistics Set Up
a. Logistics – First Mile Planning
b. Logistics – Last Mile Planning
c. Routing Set up / Pincodes / COD set up – in Product
d. Logistics Terms and conditions / Policies / User Instructions
e. Logistics Set up – end to end
f. Logistics Forms / Templates as needed for the work flow


7. FRDs – Back end functionalities in alignment with the process flow to tech team.
a. Functionalities explanation to be part of products
b. Work flow as needed
c. Relevant samples as needed


For more information, please write to us at

Hesol Consulting: Logistics & Supply Chain
Hesol Consulting: Logistics & Supply Chain
Hesol Consulting is a Management Consulting Firm with a specialization at Supply Chain, Logistics and Warehousing. Hesol has completed 280+ Supply Chain Projects across 10+ Sectors at 14+ Countries. Visit for more information.


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  2. Shweta bisht says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am a student of supply chain and currently working on a term paper. I wanted to know what are the parameters that can be considered while determining the feasibility of different industry verticals for a warehouse.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Raja m shankar says:

    Hello Sir , What are the key technology differentiators in terms of network and inventoey optimization ?

    • Hello Raja M Shankar, at Hesol Consulting, we use our in-house developed network models and inventory models which is the actual edge since these models get refined and updated every week based on thousands of data points. Thereby we have used the network, space and inventory models specific to courier logistics operations to optimize the same.

      Regards, Alvis Lazarus

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