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About Hesol Consulting

Hesol Consulting is a Management Consulting firm offering consulting and services in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics. Our Supply Chain and Logistics solutions help our clients achieve a strategic position of vantage in the current competitive business environment and there-by achieve sustainable competitive edge over competition. Over past years, we’ve built an Organization, Process Frame-work & Workforce uniquely equipped to provide reliable and effective solutions to complex Supply Chain and Logistics business requirements.




Major Clients



Hesol Consulting - Project Distribution
  • India (85)
  • Singapore (12)
  • USA (35)
  • China (8)
  • Srilanka (3)
  • Japan (5)
  • Bangladesh (5)
  • UK (4)
  • Kenya (4)
  • Bhutan (1)
  • Saudi Arabia (19)
  • Mauritius (3)
  • Australia (8)
  • New Zealand (5)
  • Ireland (3)
#Hesol #SupplyChain #Logistics #WhoWeAre

Who we are

Hesol Consulting is a Management Consulting firm, comprising of Logistics & Supply Chain Specialist, Consultants, Tech professionals and Analysts offering 50+ consulting and services in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics.

#Hesol #SupplyChain #Logistics #WhatWeDo

What we do

Data is the brain behind Supply chain & Logistics solutions. We collect past & real time data from across your supply chain. Consultants using their expertise and our proprietary tools, organize data into meaningful insights & trend

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News at Hesol

Hesol Consulting (Logistics and Supply Chain) awarded ‘Top 25 Most promising Consulting Firms in India’. A Prestigious award for Hesol Consulting. A short interview of our CEO, Mr. Alvis Lazarus for the Consultant Review magazine is as follows:

#Hesol #SupplyChain #Logistics #WhoWeAre

Hesol Consulting is a Management Consulting firm, comprising of Logistics & Supply Chain Specialist, Consultants, Tech professionals and Analysts offering 50+ consulting and services in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics.

Founded in 2013 & Headquartered at Bangalore, India; within few years, the company has completed multiple projects across India, U.S, China, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Hesol is one of the most potential upcoming consultants in the field of Logistics and Supply chain.

Our Key Drivers are – People, Process & Product

Defined by People

People are the face of our Organization. They come from diversified background and experience. Though each one of us has enriching experience, we have a unique ability to quick unlearn and learn things. Our consultants study Markets, Trends, and current Industry best practices; they spend quality time in developing these insights. This gives us an edge and thus our solutions are more realistic, implementable and built for the future.

Driven by Process

Process is a key driver of our organization. Be it Internal or Client facing, the sequence of steps and activities are driven by a set process. Our process seamlessly integrates right from Voice of the customer, Key business requirements, Project scope of work, Execution phase till Sign off. The ability to capture, organize, extract insights from data, analyse key trends, improve key metrics and stabilise process are the key differentiators of our process systems.

Explore research papers, articles, reports, and videos in our Insights section

Powered by Product

We support our clients scale up and expand operations multi folds in quick time. We evaluate the scalability of each process and then transform these process methodology into automated Digital tools and Products either off the shelf or specifically designed for the client requirement. These products provide utmost Analytics and Business insights; also ensure Business continuity, Database management, and seamless Product and Information flow. 

Learn more about these and our other solutions in Hesol Consulting: Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions.

#Hesol #SupplyChain #Logistics #WhatWeDo


Data is the brain behind Supply chain & Logistics solutions. We collect past & real time data from across your supply chain. Consultants using their expertise and our proprietary tools, organize data into meaningful insights & trend. This data driven approach is our back bone which gives real time visibility to your Supply Chain and eliminate surprises and mitigates risks


Data is never 100% and we work taking that as a standard working environment in Supply Chain and Logistics business. First, we best use the existing data and rest of data gaps are filled I with the enriching experience we gained from Industry. Data Analytics pin points the key business bottlenecks to act on and Opportunities to leverage to take your business to next level.


Each function and activity within Supply Chain is tightly interlinked like a honey comb. Hence change in each activity will impact multiple other activities and set a chain reaction. Our consultants are well equipped to have a bird eye’s view on the overall chain of activities with in supply chain and also understand the inter dependencies to provide an Optimized Supply Chain Solution.


As markets grow and as customer expectations changes, processes demands a need or a change in technology. We use technology to deliver right products to our clients to ensure highest operational efficiency and the existing resources and infrastructure are utilized to 100%. These technology support varies from a simple VBA tool to a full-fledged web based product.

Explore the Industries we serve and the Solutions we offer.

Our values

Our mission statement is simple yet a powerful one:

” We sign-in only if we can add value & we deliver what we sign-in for “

We strongly follow the following core values of action:

  1. Adhere to highest level of Integrity and Professional standards
  2. Be Proactive, Innovative and Committed
  3. Ensure exponential excellence
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Supply Chain Tech Consultant

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HR & Compliance Head

Kirthiga S

Supply Chain Consultant

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  • Hesol Consulting provides supply chain services for Mahindra Automotive Manufacturing
  • nbc bearings ck birla group mmog le supply chain consulting consultant
  • Hesol Consulting leads a project for Arvind Brands limited to set up (design and start up) their main distribution centre in Hoskote, Bangalore.
  • Paragon Warehouse Start Up | Footwear Supply Chain optimization by Hesol Consulting, a Supply Chain consulting firm from India.
  • DTDC Parcel Logistics
  • Supply Chain Optimization which includes space forecast, store layout design, material flow, process, and end to end optimization by Hesol Consulting.
  • Hesol Consulting provides space optimization, warehouse management and process consulting for Jindal worldwide limited, India. Read more at www.hesol.co.in.
  • Warehouse Optimization Advisory by Hesol Consulting | Danfoss
  • Hesol Consulting bags project from GLG on Courier Logistics in India
  • Agriculture Supply Chain Optimization (Warehouse Design, Process and Systems) for JU Agri Sciences Private Limited. Visit www.hesol.co.in for more info.
  • BrennTag Supply Chain Optimization by Hesol Consulting
  • Hesol Consulting joint partnership with PwC for the MMOG Transformation for NBC, jaipur
  • Warehouse Study and Optimization Advisory for Singer, Srilanka by Hesol Consulting. Space, Process, Systems and Handling are part of optimization.
  • Ramtons is a leading brand in Home & Kitchen appliances. They provide the best Cooking, Home & Laundry Appliances in Kenya. Hesol Consulting lead the logistics and warehouse optimization of Home and Kitchen appliances including white goods for Ramtons Kenya.
  • Warehouse Optimization for Rocell, Srilanka - Tiles and Bathware
  • Hesol Consulting signed in as supply chain partner for HCL
  • Warehouse management study and proposal for Ashok Leyland Warehouse. Hesol Consulting did a week study on processes and systems and proposed WMS actions.
  • Distilled Beverages Supply Chain | Logistics and warehousing improvement on fully regulated distilled beverages supply chain
  • Business Plan and GoTo Market Strategy for Senthil Group of Companies | Hesol Consulting
  • IoT in Dairy Supply Chain Consulting
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting for Samsung
  • Hesol Consulting provides logistics consulting to HH Global
  • Hesol Consulting provides warehouse optimization & SAP consulting for EW Foods Srilanka
  • Fibre Glass Composite Panel Supply Chain Transformation Australia
  • water-supply-chain-model logistics-consulting strategy-consulting
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  • Hesol Consulting provides ecommerce industry advisory to Aranca research. Details of the advisory is on industry trend, benchmarks, challenges & forecast.
  • Supply Chain Optimization for Brring Logistics Bangalore
  • ticketshala | hesol provides start up consulting
  • TSBCL | Model Depot Design for Telangana State Beverages Corporation Limited which includes Layout design, Infra, warehouse management and Processes.
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  • y-not why-not design and manufacturing supply chain make to order supply chain design to order supply chain engineer to order supply chain product postponement
  • supply-chain improvement scooter rental logistics london UK India
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization for Food Delivery App
  • Warehouse & Logistics Consulting for Vallibel One PLC Srilanka
  • Smart Wax Logo hesol Consulting
  • Alvis Lazarus provides Pitch Deck advisory for Senthil Green Power Limited, Coimbatore. For more details, please do visit www.hesol.co.in (Hesol Consulting)
  • Hesol Consulting 123Ecom 123Stores
  • Hesol-executive-coaching-consultant-onplan-logo
  • FMCG Concept till Shelf Implementation for Super Foods by DrM
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  • Hesol Consulting develops Pitch deck for KK Packaging for Nestle Business
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  • Supply Chain Process Consulting for Catchtopia
  • E-Commerce Portal for Electronic Products and Accessories - Market Research, Business Plan and Supply Chain
  • ecommerce-consulting ecommerce-consultant saudi-arabia-ecommerce
  • Hesol Consulting conducts Global ECommerce Workshop at SP Jain Singapore
  • supply-chain-optimization warehouse-consulting scm-consultant
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  • Vanguard Business School | Hesol consulting signs in to provide supply chain education
  • Hesol Consulting would be part of Supply Chain IOT research project and would be modelling diary supply chain to validate supply chain IOT concepts.
  • E-Commerce Consulting on Cross Border E-Comemrce Logistics
  • ISCEA International Supply Chain Education Alliance Scnext
  • Supply Chain Way - Global portal for supply chain Education!
  • PMO Digital marketing services for OiGoi.com
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  • hesol consulting anglolat.com
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