Supply Chain Model & Supply Chain Simulation for DePuy Johnson & Johnson

Business Case:

Supply Chain Modelling and Simulation for DePuy Johnson and Johnson supply chain for all the different business units and all the logistics players involved. Supply chain model plays a dual role – Database of all past data and the forecasting tool for all the supply chain related indicators; In nutshell, this model would be driving all the key supply chain decisions for Depuy supply chain.


Project Explained:

DePuy is acquired by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) in 1998 and now DePuy’s companies form part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices group. Following are the brands under DePuy –The Codman, DePuy Mitek, DePuy Orthopaedics and DePuy brands. DePuy designs, manufactures, markets and distributes products and Johnson & Johnson left the supply chain of DePuy as such until 2015 when J&J wanted to revisit the end of end of supply chain and distribution strategy of DePuy line of businesses and operations.


We engaged with Clear State and mapped the current state of DePuy Johnson and Johnson supply chain, distribution and the inventory across the end to end of the supply chain. The simulation and modelling was also in the supply chain consulting scope of work.


We built a supply chain model to capture all the 100+ data points across all the different business units. The Model is also capable of doing the supply chain simulation for the next 5+ years for Johnson and Johnson Depuy in total and also can generate forecast by business unit or by a business unit.


We used all our existing stand alone supply chain related models to build the end to end of Depuy Johnson and Johnson’s supply chain model which captured millions of data and analysis across business units – Spine, Mitek, Joint, Trauma, Neuro, BW, LVC, Endo and Cordis and also across all the different logistics providers (LP) involved – TaiMei, Sinopham Med, Tibet Deling, Han Xing, Shanghai pharma, etc…


Business Result:

Depuy Johnson & Johnson Supply chain model and simulator is delivered on time. This model right from the input data sheets till the final trend graphs, simulated numbers, reports and the customized reports are all automated. Model and Simulator also has numerous customized selection as options for the supply chain team.


Few snapshots of the supply chain model and simulator is below:




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Guest Post by: Alvis Lazarus

About the Author:

Alvis Lazarus is Founder and Executive Director at Hesol Consulting ( and an ‘Award winning Supply Chain Consultant` with more than a Decade of experience in the field of Logistics, Supply Chain and Process Excellence.  A Certified ‘Lean & Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Champion’ and worked across multiple sectors – E-Commerce, Automotive, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing and HealthCare.

Alvis Lazarus’s portfolio showcases a much diversified range of exceptionally managed programs across APAC, EMEA and AMERICAS regions. Before starting his own Consulting Business, Alvis Lazarus has headed Pan India Operations at 3M India, and handling workgroup size of 500+ people and also previously worked at Caterpillar Logistics, Hewlett Packard and ElGI Equipments.

Alvis Lazarus is a much sought-after speaker and he travels across country for Guest Lectures, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops. Alvis is a Motivational Speaker; He inspires and support people to realize their true potential. Thousands of people have been benefited and are successful in their career through his Workshops and Training Programs.

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