Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply chain strategy would be a clear winner if it incorporates the key drivers based on the Industry’s competitive framework and the unique value proposition for the customers. A successful supply chain strategy ensures the organizations efforts are focussed in the right direction to achieve the competitive position within the industry it operates.

Hesol Consulting provides the following supply chain strategy related services:
  • Supply Chain Advisory
  • Channel & Distribution Strategy
  • Network Modelling & Design
  • Inventory Stocking & Deployment
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment
Supply Chain Advisory

Hesol Consulting gives supply chain advisory services for both new venture and also for existing business undergoing an expansion. On new ventures, Hesol Consulting will sign on as an advisory partner to give the insights about the Industry the client intended to operate on and we build the supply chain model and go to market plan. On expansion plan, Hesol Consulting provides advisory on supply chain model, integration and ramp up plan.

Channel and Distribution Strategy

Even the best product, if not available for the customer adds up no value to the business and the organization. Hence, opt channel and distribution strategy is so crucial. Hesol consulting will understand the product, industry and customer expectation to evaluate and suggest the optimum distribution model for the product i.e. the optimized model on reach, cost, lead time and customer fill.

Network Modelling & Design

Hesol does network modelling and design for regional or country level operations. Network modelling is used as a strategic tool to well position when entering into new markets. Network decision is impact by multiple factors like sourcing points, customer presence, local policies, regulations, transportation, port location, cost of operations etc. Hesol Consulting uses all these relevant input to complete the optimized network design. Hesol Consulting also develops scenario manager as a modelling tool such that multiple scenarios can be simulated before the actual execution.

Inventory Stocking & Deployment

The most common and most crucial question is – How much to store and where to store? Hesol Consulting helps you answer this through a detailed inventory modelling and simulation. Data nodes are selected and measured to scientifically arrive at the storage quantities and the locations. Hesol Consulting supports you to take Inventory stocking and deployment decisions at various node and point of use (POU) – Supply side, processing station, facility stock points, supermarket, station inventory, inbound channel, warehouse and in-transit.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment (SCRA)

Yes, Business is all about taking ‘Risk’ but probably a calculated risk is more favourable to be in the business. Supply chain risk assessment evaluates all the risks associated to analyse and mitigate those risks. Hesol Consulting does SCRA on an existing business or on a business in expansion into new markets to document all the potential failure modes, evaluate and mitigate them.