Supply Chain Ops Planning

Supply Chain Ops Planning

Hesol Consulting provides end to end of supply chain operations planning solutions. The client’s strategy is taken as an input to develop the supply chain operation plan for the organization and then cascade that across different functions within supply chain.

Hesol Consulting provides the following supply chain operations planning related services:
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Supply Chain Process & Policy
  • Warehouse Simulation
  • Logistics Planning
  • Inventory Modelling
Sales & Operations Planning

Hesol Consulting supply chain experts will set up the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process for your organization. Seamless S&OP process integration is so important to ensure that the supply versus demand is perfectly in sync. Hesol Consulting sets the S&OP process is such a way that the system has the intelligence to adopt and behave as per the data changes and trend.

Supply Chain Optimization

Hesol Consulting uses mathematical modelling techniques to problem solve classic supply chain optimization scenarios like optimal placement of inventory at different nodes within supply chain, manufacturing cost, distribution cost across supply chain and logistics cost. Hesol Consulting also builds user friendly custom designed supply chain optimization tools specific to client requirement.

Supply Chain Process & Policy

Supply chain being a sensitive arm of the organization, any conflicts of interest within the objectives of different teams could be a huge threat for the organization. Hesol Consulting develops end to end of supply chain processes for new start up and for organization on an expansion mode.

Warehouse Simulation

All within four walls of warehouse can be simulated. Hesol Consulting does warehouse simulation on product storage (Concepting / Slotting), facility layout, facility design, material flow and man / machine traffic.

Logistics Planning

In simple terms it is about moving product from A to B but logistic planning is not a cake walk. Multiple transit points, depots, vehicles and customers with specific requirement makes it really hard and complex to plan and optimise. Hesol Consulting engineers provide logistics planning solutions to achieve maximum operational efficiency and superior delivery performance. Hesol Consulting also develops logistics planning tools which dynamically does logistics planning, scheduling and allocation.

Inventory Modelling

The most common and most crucial question is – How much to store and where to store? Hesol Consulting helps you answer this through a detailed inventory modelling and simulation. Data nodes are selected and measured to scientifically arrive at the storage quantities and the locations. Hesol Consulting supports you to take Inventory stocking and deployment decisions at various node and point of use (POU) – Supply side, processing station, facility stock points, supermarket, station inventory, inbound channel, warehouse and in-transit.