Supply Chain Execution

Supply Chain Ops Execution

Hesol Consulting will sign in as a supply chain partner to set all the supply chain operations plan in action and stabilize it. Hesol Consulting will work as team with the client to ensure the implementation is intact and all teething issues are fixed.

Hesol Consulting provides the following supply chain operations execution related services:
  • Warehouse & Facility Design
  • Distribution Centre Start-Up
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Transportation Set up
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Supply Chain Processes
  • Plan For Every Part (PFEP)
Warehouse & Facility Design

Designing a warehouse is like an art – Right products in right location, right sized aisle, opt layout, seamless material flow and perfect material handling solutions can bring in maximum warehouse through put and cubic space utilization. Hesol Consulting provides end of end of warehouse design, facility layout, processing area design, material flow and material handling solutions.

Distribution Centre Start-Up

Hesol Consulting is a one point solutions provider for setting up distribution centres and warehouses. Hesol Consulting warehouse consultants are much experienced in green field and brown field projects. We provide end to end of distribution centre and DC start-up solutions – Site selection, site inspection, storage equipment procurement, rack installation, safety equipment, docks, facility design and implementation. Hesol Consulting also does project management of the entire program.

Logistics Solutions

In simple terms it is about moving product from A to B but logistic planning is not a cake walk. Multiple transit points, depots, vehicles and customers with specific requirement makes it really hard and complex to plan, optimise and implement. Hesol Consulting engineers provide logistics solutions to achieve maximum operational efficiency and superior delivery performance.

Transportation Set up

Hesol Consulting provides transportation set up solutions – Floating RFQ, freight negotiation, contract, claims process, other transportation processes and Freight analysis.

Warehouse Management System

Hesol Consulting is the ideal partner to select the right warehouse management system for you and manage the implementation. We write the FRDs, oversee development, manage user acceptance testing and take care of deployment.

Supply Chain Processes

Supply chain being a sensitive arm of the organization, any conflicts of interest within the objectives of different teams could be a huge threat for the organization. Hesol Consulting develops end to end of supply chain processes for new start up and for organization on an expansion mode. We also support clients with supply chain process documentation, training and implementation.

Plan For Every Part (PFEP)

Products move through multiple nodes of supply chain, undergo multiple touches, take different transformation and go through different handling. At Hesol Consulting, we manage the entire life cycle of the product right through the procurement, conversion and distribution cycle i.e. plan for every part. Hesol Consulting provide solutions on batch sizing, packing, handling and management for each type of product and writes specific work instructions for each activity at each stage of the product flow.