Process Excellence

Process Excellence

Hesol Consulting transforms the organization to a process driven organization. Hesol Consulting work study experts have decades of experience in value stream mapping of current state and then set the target of future state for each value chain. Process improvement is a continuous process and Hesol Consulting will support you to take giant leaps in improving your operational efficiency.

Hesol Consulting provides the following process excellence related services:
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Waste Analysis
  • Lean & Six Sigma
  • SOP & Standard Work
  • Management Information System
Value Stream Mapping

VSM is a powerful tool which we have mastered over the years of usage at multiple projects. Hesol Consulting experts will map your end of end of your majestic supply chain and the tons of data points into A3 sheets. We set the TAKT for each of the value chain to highlight the bottlenecks and set action plan to get them up-to speed to make your overall supply chain responsive. Hesol Consulting has worked VSM at multiple sectors like Automotive, E-Commerce, Retail, FMCG and 3PL.

Waste Analysis

‘Waste Identification Walks’ are conducted by Hesol Consulting at facilities and warehouse. It not only highlights all the hidden pitfalls but also grow team work and stop to fix culture within the teams.

Lean & Six Sigma

Hesol Consulting has rich experience in Lean and Six Sigma. We have Master Black Belts working with us to drive lean and six sigma initiatives. Hesol Consulting has implemented Lean in manufacturing, procurement, supply chain, warehousing and logistics.

SOP & Standard Work

Hesol Consulting provides multiple services under process documentation. Hesol Consulting undertakes assignments to develop process maps (SIPOC, FDM and VSM), process flows and also implementing standard operating procedures for the entire organization. Hesol Consulting also provides visual process documentation and training documents specifically targeting the E- Commerce Industry.

Standard work is a specific offering for the manufacturing shop-floor and for warehouses. Part of standard work, Hesol Consulting engineers will document the process steps, timings, tools needed and location. This is a more detailed form of a process map which serves as a reference for future productivity, ergonomic and material flow improvements in the shop-floor.

Management Information System

As business expands at country level, there is a growing concern on managing things effectively from a central location. Management information systems help to have the control over the entire operations from a central location. Hesol Consulting develops customized MIS solutions or even help you implement off the shelf MIS solution software. We also help our clients identify the right key performance indicators (KPI), set the operational definition, track KPI and control. Hesol Consulting also work with our clients to set action plan for the below target KPIs to bring them back on track.