E-Commerce Consulting & Set Up

E-Commerce Industry is in a massive expansion mode – multiple start-ups keep coming in the E-Commerce space. These E-Commerce start-ups target a niche segment as a vertical player or they compete as a horizontal player. Hesol Consulting manages the entire life cycle of E-Commerce start up right from the business idea till the Go-Live. Hesol supports in web design, setting up of the portal, back end systems, logistics structure set up, distribution centre set up, last mile logistics and the reverse logistics.

Hesol Consulting provides the following E-Commerce consulting services:
  • E-Commerce Portal
  • Web Design
  • Order Management System
  • Distribution Centre Set up
  • Line Haul & Transit Hubs
  • Last Mile Logistics
  • Reverse Logistics
  • E-Commerce MIS
E-Commerce Portal

As the market place expands, there is a demanding need to include multiple vendors as partners and as you do that, there is a requirement of seamless communication and data flow. Hesol consulting builds E-Commerce portal for this seamless communication and data flow. These portals are well suited for the inbound of the E-Commerce supply chain.

Web Design

E-Commerce is an electronic business and the transaction happens virtually with customers not seeing the product. This put huge expectation on the front end to show case the product close to reality. With growing customer expectations, Hesol consulting is equipped to provide you customized web design solutions for specific categories and to ensure utmost customer experience.

Order Management System (OMS)

Order management system is the back bone of the E-Commerce transactions. We all aware if the back end is not designed properly, the havoc the back end systems create during the big sales day or any other sales where-in you expect huge traffic. At Hesol, we deliver you the best back end systems to support your E-Commerce business and these systems would be put to extensive testing for the maximum load.

Distribution Centre Set up

Though in theory, market place is about vendor managed inventory and all inventory is owned by the seller. In reality, E-Commerce players lease huge DC and fulfilment centres to store these products and the seller products are stored at these warehouses. The main reason for this to ensure product availability, customer service fill and to attract more sellers. Hesol Consulting works as your extended partner to identify warehouse space, facility design, layout, material flow, processes, systems, resource planning, hiring and kick off. With Hesol managing the end to end of the warehouse start up, our clients can concentrate on their front end core businesses.

Line Haul & Transit Hubs

As E-Commerce penetrates into tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities, the supply chain network becomes huge and the miles to cover increases multi folds. With this supply chain challenge, logistics network should be designed well to keep up with the customer service fills. Hesol Consulting supports in network design to finalize the requirement of main DC, logistic hubs and transit hubs based on the country footprint. Hesol also manages the entire planning, leasing, infrastructure and setting up of the hubs.

Last Mile Logistics

The one things that will differentiate the E-Commerce players is the Last mile logistics. Last mile logistics directly impacts the customer service fill. Same day delivery is the expectation of each of the E-Commerce customer. Hesol’s expertise on last mile network planning and scheduling can give you the competitive edge to ensure swift and efficient last mile logistics and our clients can be sure of the expected customer fill.

Reverse Logistics

Returns are the biggest pain in the E-Commerce supply chain and E-Commerce Industry doesn’t have any solution to fix this fully in the near future. It is wise to develop a reliable reverse logistics model and systems to keep your bottom-line intact. Hesol Consulting provides supply chain design and solution for reverse logistics.

E-Commerce MIS

“Process which is not measurable is not controllable”. Hesol Engineers are well versed in setting up the right key performance indicators for your E-Commerce business. We will set up the end to end of management information systems which are fully automated and feed you with business insights and data on real time basis.