Business Analytics

Business Analytics

With the advancements moving towards customer behaviour and digital marketing, Organizations today need insights into markets, customers and their own performance to set right the strategic and operation plan to stay ahead of competition and to have sustainable competitive edge. Also, the need of the hour is dynamic response and the insights to data should be real time. For swift and efficient decisions, there is a burning need to build on systems to capture real-time structured and unstructured data across different formats.

Hesol Consulting provides the following business analytics related services:
  • Data Mining & Business Intelligence
  • Statistics for Business Analytics
  • Operations & Supply Chain Analytics
  • Spreadsheet Modelling
  • Time Series Models
  • Financial & Marketing Analytics
Data Mining & Business Intelligence

Hesol Consulting analyticians has the knowledge and set of techniques and tools to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information to analyse the business and the health of the organization. Hesol uses software like SAS, R, Minitab etc. to drive data mining and business intelligence.

Statistics for Business Analytics

Hesol Consulting’s expertise lies in making right inferences on the collected data and the entire process of taking right business decisions in the face of uncertainty in a very logical and systematic way. Hesol Consulting’s statistians are SMEs in various data analysis techniques and their use in decision making. We also follow a methodological approach in arriving at the right conclusions on key business decisions under uncertainty.

Operations & Supply Chain Analytics

Like more than ever, the use of supply chain analytics and Operational analytics are in the rise. The very reason for this is the competitive edge organizations get, on taking the data based supply chain decisions. Hesol Consulting offers analytics support multiple supply chain functions – Order management, Inventory management, Logistics, Warehousing, Procurement, Manufacturing, Lean and customer service.

Spreadsheet Modelling

Hesol Consulting develops powerful spreadsheet models for various supply chain needs like the warehouse model, logistics model, freight model, service fill model, forecasting model, inventory model etc. Hesol does this modelling in VBA, SQL or web based platforms. We are proficient in ensuring all the different scenarios, protocols, decision points, check and controls are seamlessly integrated in the model to give a flawless performance to expectation of our clients.

Time Series Models

Hesol Consulting’s time series model have three agenda – Predicting, Modelling and Characterisation. Time series model are highly iterative and Hesol has gained huge experience in running these iterative processes efficiently and to ensure the outliers are identified with precision.

Financial & Marketing Analytics

The driving force for all the key decisions within the organization are backed up with financial analytics and same way all the key customer engagement and expansion decisions are backed up with marketing analytics. Hesol Consulting provides number of analytics services on finance and marketing – ROI, ROA, general ledger, supply chain cost, employee cost, supplier performance, cost of acquisition, cost of customer retention and the list going on.

Hesol offers business analytics solutions across all the industries they work for. Know more about the industries we serve!