Odoo Implementation includes Global template for Retailer, FRDs, detailed process FDMs, specifications, integration, process documentation and training. Since the project includes the end to end of supply chain, it includes Manufacturing, WMS, CRM, Sales, Accounting, E-Commerce and POS.

About the Business:

The retailer has operations in 8 Countries and this implementation is a pilot at one country (4 fulfilment centres) which would then be scaled up to the other countries. But, the global template should capture all the nuances needed for every region. The retailer has a mix of private labels as well as market place products. The total number of SKUs are 80,000+ and the number of lines per day is around 4,00,000 across all the fulfilment centres.


  • Detailed Value Stream Map which serves two purpose – an efficient way of mapping the supply chain as well as surface out all the bottlenecks which would be ironed out during implementation
  • Develop the Global Template for the Retailer – the step one is the Functional Requirement Definitions and then use the Odoo functionalities to complete the template
  • Odoo Configuration, Customization, Integration and overall Implementation
  • Process Improvements and Implementation during the ERP Implementation
  • Process Training and Odoo Training
  • Process Documentation in a Cloud based tool
  • Set up of MIS and Process Controls in a Cloud based tool


– Overall project from Configuration till Go-Live with all the integration was completed in a record time of 3 Months

– After the fix on teething issues and stabilization, the overall Business Performance has improved by 29.3%

– By efficient Fast pick implementation, Warehouse Productivity LPMH improved by 18%

Inventory across Supply Chain reduced by 23% by re-designing the overall stocking points and the RSQ.

– Customer fill rate improved from 85% to 93%

– Drop Shipping implementation reduced the overall lead time by 36%

– Efficient Slotting, improved the Cubic Space Utilization by 21%

Hesol Consulting: Logistics & Supply Chain
Hesol Consulting: Logistics & Supply Chain
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