The simple mantra of Retail is product availability and right cost. Though it sound simple, with the Success in Retail depends on getting the product to the consumer on time and at lowest cost. As simple as this may sound, the retail supply chain has struggled with the enormous challenges faced in achieving this. The present day structure of retail supply chains makes it virtually impossible to communicate, collaborate and share relevant information across the entire supply chain. Elevate enables an agile and adaptive supply chain network by providing retailers with a web-based portal for visibility, pre-planning, exception handling and operations efficiently

How Hesol Consulting: Logistics and Supply Chain helps

Hesol Consulting helps you address these Supply Chain and Logistics challenges and also supports you in Supply chain transformation for better Operational efficiency and increased competitiveness. We offer the following Automotive Supply chain solutions and services:

  • Online Retail Solutions
  • Offline Retail Solutions
  • Distribution Channel Strategy & Set up
  • Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)
  • Process Standardization
  • Operational Efficiency

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  • Online Retailing
  • Order Management System
  • Last Mile Logistics
  • Market Place
  • Offline Retail Stores
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  • E-Commerce Start-up
  • Warehouse Start-up
  • E-Commerce Process Set-up
  • E-tail Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Process standardization