Logistics Service Providers


The simple ask from Transportation is product availability at right time and right cost. As simple as this may sound, with the current infrastructure logistics industry has struggled with the enormous challenges faced in achieving this. Logistics as a services is a booming industry and with the steep increase in E-Commerce penetration, Logistics has become even more a demanding need.

How Hesol Consulting: Logistics and Supply Chain helps

Hesol Consulting offers end to end of transportation and logistics solutions for the logistics service providers, retailers and wholesalers. We offer the following Supply chain solutions and services:

  • Transportation Network Design
  • Simulation & Modelling
  • Transportation Routing
  • Scheduling & Fleet Management
  • RFQ and Contracts
  • Freight Analysis and Cost Management

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Go-To Market Strategy
  • Last Mile Logistics
  • 3PL Vs In-house
  • Transportation Modelling
  • Kitting & Packing
  • Cold Chain
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  • Transportation Contracts
  • Lane Management
  • Scheduling Systems
  • FTL & Part Load Management
  • Freight Cost Reduction
  • Lead Time Improvement