Hesol Consulting enters into 5th Year in Supply Chain Consulting

Hesol Consulting was founded 4 Years ago in a 15×10 room. Our assets were 3 Consultants, 3 Laptops, One Table and few chairs. The first year we bagged ‘0’ Projects and we spent our time in Training to keep the company running. Our First project was in E-Commerce Supply Chain.

Today, we are in our 5th Year and to see our Global Supply Chain Projects footprint is really PROMISING and MOTIVATING. Each project is treated as our first project and we ensured each Customer is our CLIENT for lifetime.

We have 300+ Major Supply Chain Programs from 15+ Sectors and 25+ Countries in our Portfolio now. Yet, the journey to reach here is the most exciting memory and learning experience which we will cherish for ever.

global supply chain and logistics projects by hesol consulting

Global Supply Chain Projects Footprint

You can visit www.Hesol.co.in/about to see our top client and read our case studies at www.hesol.co.in/casestudies

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Hesol Consulting: Logistics & Supply Chain
Hesol Consulting: Logistics & Supply Chain
Hesol Consulting is a Management Consulting Firm with a specialization at Supply Chain, Logistics and Warehousing. Hesol has completed 280+ Supply Chain Projects across 10+ Sectors at 14+ Countries. Visit www.hesol.co.in for more information.

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